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“With a brief description of the financing I need to Lucia, and my general financial picture, she immediately went to work. Her short and exact interview extracted the required information from me for her to configure exactly what I needed in a few options. Her method of configuration and solutions were imbued with what is best for me base on my financial picture and my financing needs. All the logistics were effectively and efficiently put into effect by Lucia to get an appropriate financing deal done in the shortest time. Lucia kept her monitoring eye and updated me regularly on all the flow of my cycle to a done. This is elegant service and care from Lucia and I am very please with her execution, service and commitment to help me get my financing needs fully handled. Thank you Lucia !!”

B.R. from Vaughan, Ontario

“Lucia…we met a year ago and you helped us purchase our home. We knew that we were going to have a challenging year, but we did it and have increased our investment. You once again helped us to refinance with a more manageable payment structure and at the same time saving thousands of dollars. You are truly an amazing person and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts all that you have done. You are not just our mortgage broker,you are a friend, and we treasure the relationship! Thank you”

Theresa, from Markham, Ontario